Nils Völker

Twenty Four


A site–specific installation realized for the Festival Interstice in Caen (France) running from 26. April until 12. May 2019.

24 light-blue plastic bags guide the spectator through the monumental nave of the deconsecrated church Saint-Nicolas in Caen. From the entrance to the apse, each of them is linked to one of the massive columns of the 66 metres long building made of sandstone. In contrast to the architectural surrounding the light plastic bags, just filled with air, are moving almost weightlessly. By means of a custom written program Völker creates a continuously ongoing play between up and down, closeness and distance.

Depending on 384 invisible fans the surface of the artwork is constantly changing: Like a zipper the plastic bags are drifting away from or nearly touching each other. With their wavelike movement and peculiar sound the light and blue cushions fill the entire exhibition space of the 11th century.


Festival EXHIBIT!, Le Tetris, Le Havre, 2019 Commissariat exposition solo (créations et pièces existantes