Alex Augier et Heather Rose Lander


Résidence de création en co-production

Jeudi 20 mai 2021

RECURRENCE, a new AV performance/Installation by Alex Augier and Heather Rose Lander. A Cryptic Commission in partnership with Nemo Biennale, Station Mir / Festival ]interstice[, Cove Park.
Kindly supported by Diaphonique and Creative Scotland.

RECURRENCE is an immersive sonic light sculpture for live performance by Alex Augier in collaboration with the visual artist Heather Lander. Sound and image converge into a unique synesthetic entity, a poetic and organic hypermedia. The audiovisual rendering is based on a sculptural screen made from smart film and two-way mirror. Arranged across two layers and 32 panels, the smart film and mirror create an ever changing flux in translucency, with a visual affect which is uniquely synced with the audio. This setup brings a new dimension, pseudo-holographic, in the restitution of the visual aesthetic and offers a singular experience for the public.

Alex Augier is an electronic musician based in Paris. His work focuses on digital aesthetics in a musical and transversal perspective, including sound and visual elements. These elements interact with the space and take mainly the form of singular audiovisual performances. Audiovisual works as a specific field of creation. He defends an overview of the creative process where design, programming and technology are an integral part of the artistic project.
His works have been presented at international festivals including Ars Electronica (Linz/AT), Mutek (Buenos Aires/AR), L.E.V (Gijon/ES), Scopitone (Nantes/FR), Sonar (Barcelona/ES), Elektra (Montreal/CA), Media Ambition Tokyo (Tokyo/JP), Mapping (Geneva/CH), Todays Art (The Hague/NL), Nemo (Paris/FR), Sonica (Glasgow/UK), Open Source Art (Gdansk/PL), Multiplicidade (Rio/BR), Athens Digital Arts Festival (Athenes/GR).


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